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Four bidders shortlisted to buy Queensland Motorways

Four bidders have been announced in the QML sale. The players are Transurban, Hastings Funds Management, IFM Investors and CP2. See the links below for more details.

TransPosition engaged to perform demand anaylsis for the Surat Basin Transport Study Stage 2

Early in January 2014 TransPosition was engaged by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to develop a regional transport model to assist with road network analysis for the Surat Basin region. This second stage seeks to build on the work done in stage one of the Surat Basin Transport Study by updating it with new data and projections and also improve the analytical basis for planning.

Stage 2 will comprise of assessing the future transport demand and system performance of the road network as well as route and link analysis in order to guide network, area, route, link and project planning. This study hopes to also provide a sound and consistent basis for determining investment needs for the region. Furthermore stage 2 will provide support for economic analysis and project business case preparation and also support assessment of development impacts of major projects.

Transurban wins Queensland Motorways bid

The Transurban consortium which includes Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Tawreed Investments Limited, and Australian Super have won the bid for Queensland Motorways with a $7.057 billion offer. It is believed to have been a close bid between the top two consortia. TransPosition was pleased to have assisted Hastings Fund Management Limited, APG Investments Asia Limited and Abertis Infraestructuras S.A. which were a strong competitor during the bid process.

For more information please see the links below.

TransPosition assists with Queens Wharf bid assessment

In early 2014 TransPosition was engaged by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) to provide option testing analysis for the Queens Wharf Brisbane (QWB) Project using Brisbane City Council's (BCC) SATURN model. Under the advice of DSDIP and Cambray Consulting, options were coded to package up and hand out to bidders. The Queen's Wharf Brisbane Project redevelopment area constitutes the north bank of Brisbane CBD along Queens Wharf Rd. The winner of QWB will decide what developments will be put in place.

The Queensland Government "believe this is a city building project with the potential to provide significant benefit to the State, transforming Brisbane into an internationally distinguished city."

We have a new website

Our previous website was starting to be quite stale, with irregular updates and out-of-date technology. We formerly use DotNetNuke which gave us a lot of out the box, but was (we found) difficult to maintain. We were keen to build our site using the same approach we use for document preparation - markdown, pandoc and git. We find that this approach is more efficient, allows for better collaboration, and allows us to separate styling from content.

We looked at a few different website tools, including

None of them was exactly right for us, so we ended up developing our own software. At some point we will publish this, but in summary it takes a series of documents (written in markdown) and turns them into a website. The styling is done using the Foundation css framework, and templated using String Template.

TransPosition engaged by Freight Terminals to undertake Traffic Impact Assessment for InterLink SQ

In late July 2014 TransPosition was engaged by Freight Terminals to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) for a proposed major freight centre at Charlton-Wellcamp (InterLink SQ), 13km west of Toowoomba. InterLink SQ is located at the northern end of the Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise Area. The vision for InterLink SQ is for it to be a major distribution centre which serves not only local companies in Toowoomba but also markets across Queensland and interstate. The proposed intermodal freight centre has been strategically positioned to give maximum exposure to rail as it lies along the Western Rail Line and also has the potential for connections to the proposed Inland and Surat Basin Railways if they get approved.

Find more information about the InterLink SQ development through the Freight Terminals or InterLink SQ websites:

Three consortia have been shortlisted to submit proposals for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) is a proposed bypass route of Toowoomba City (located north of Toowoomba) and is considered a high priority project in Queensland. Part of the motivation for the TSRC is that the bypass will reduce the numbers of trucks in Toowoomba thus relieving congestion and improving safety on roads through Toowoomba. Trucks also tend to have difficulty getting up the range and end up causing delays for other vehicles travelling to and from Toowoomba. Therefore the bypass will reduce travel times and improve road safety for vehicles, not in just Toowoomba City, but those who are also travelling to and from Toowoomba up the range.

After the Expression of Interest (EOI) phase of the procurement process for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project, three consortia were shortlisted to move onto the Request for Proposals (RFP) stage. The three shortlisted consortia were Nexus, RangeConnect and RangeLink.

For more information regarding the three shortlisted consortia and the TSRC project visit the following websites:

Funding approval put on hold for Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

The Federal Government have put funding approval on hold for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC). In the Courier Mail article attached below it mentions that Tim Nicholls, QLD's State Treasurer, is not sure why funding has been halted. It seems that the Federal Government is still committed to it's $1.285 billion investment, however the Queensland Government have asked the Australian Government for further funding towards the project. It has also been stated that the Queensland Government have been withholding information from the Federal Government which has most likely slowed down the approval process.

For more information see the Courier Mail article here:

Final proposals submitted for Queens Wharf Brisbane development project

Final proposals have been submitted to the Government for assessment for the Queens Wharf Brisbane Development Project. The final two proponents are Greenland Group along with Crown Resorts and the Destination Brisbane Consortium comprising Echo Entertainment Group, Far East Consortium and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises.

Design concepts released for the Queen's Wharf Brisbane development precinct

The design concepts for the Queen's Wharf Brisbane (QWB) development precinct have now been released to the public. The designs set out by the two proponents, Greenland Group along with Crown Resorts and the Destination Brisbane Consortium comprising Echo Entertainment Group, Far East Consortium and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, both include integrated resorts with multiple bars and restaurants, a casino, and a bridge connecting the QWB precinct with South Bank. Both layouts can be viewed in detail by clicking on the links below.

The preferred design and hence the winning proponent will be announced some time in early 2015.