TransPosition engaged by Freight Terminals to undertake Traffic Impact Assessment for InterLink SQ

20 Aug 2014

Anabelle Spinoulas

In late July 2014 TransPosition was engaged by Freight Terminals to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) for a proposed major freight centre at Charlton-Wellcamp (InterLink SQ), 13km west of Toowoomba. InterLink SQ is located at the northern end of the Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise Area. The vision for InterLink SQ is for it to be a major distribution centre which serves not only local companies in Toowoomba but also markets across Queensland and interstate. The proposed intermodal freight centre has been strategically positioned to give maximum exposure to rail as it lies along the Western Rail Line and also has the potential for connections to the proposed Inland and Surat Basin Railways if they get approved.

Find more information about the InterLink SQ development through the Freight Terminals or InterLink SQ websites: