Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson LinkedIn: Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson has worked in the transport planning field for almost 20 years, starting his career at Main Roads, then joining a private consultancy before forming his own company in 1993. He has had broad experience with transport modelling, and has worked on all stages of transport model development; from data collection and software design through to option testing and evaluation. He has been the primary developer of a number of major models including- the Adelaide Model Development Study, the Brisbane Integrated Transport Study, the Austroads Approach to National Road Network Planning and the Caboolture Traffic Model. He has broad skills in two fields –information technology and transportation planning.

He has an extensive background in transport model design, calibration, application and software and has demonstrated an ability to develop world-class practical models within the constraints of time and data availability.

At the smaller end are a number of sketch-planning tools that have implemented a simplified modelling process within Excel spreadsheets. These models have been developed for broad policy analysis in SEQ for the IRTP, land use-transport analysis for the city of Perth as well as tightly focussed operational analysis of the South East Transit Busway and the Brisbane-Gold Coast Corridor.

Peter was also the technical lead for the development of the Integrated Transport Forecasting and Evaluation Method (ITFEM) that was used for the Brisbane Integrated Transport Study (BITS), the Sunshine Coast Integrated Transport Study (SCOTS), and the South Coast Area Integrated Transport Study (SCATS). Peter developed most of the modelling structure and implementation, and was deeply involved in all of the calibration process of the BITS model.

At the National level, Peter has developed the AUSTROADS National Accessibility Analysis Tool. This is a roads-only model for evaluating the system-wide consequences of changes to the road network/land use system. It was developed with very little data but has demonstrated an ability to give a great deal of insight into issues of economic efficiency and social justice. It was subsequently applied to the development of a series of Social and Environmental Indicators for Austroads. Peter has also developed a traffic model for Caboolture Shire, using the EMME/2 modelling package and applied this model to the preparation of an Infrastructure Charges Plan.

Peter has also worked extensively in the area of data collection using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Peter has developed hardware, software and systems necessary for the conduct and analysis of travel surveys using GPS, particularly focussed on travel time, household travel, vehicle emissions, voluntary behaviour change and public transport operations.

Peter also has experience with planning for major projects, having worked on various stages of the evaluation of the Business Case and Impact Assessments of projects such as the North South Bypass Tunnel, Airport Link and Hale St Link (all in Brisbane). He has also had close involvement with the State Government’s approval process for these projects.

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Morgan Weston

Morgan Weston LinkedIn: Morgan Weston

Morgan Weston has a PhD in experimental quantum physics, and a Bachelor of Photonics and Nanoscience with First Class Honours from Griffith University. Her experimental physics research focused on quantum optics, quantum information science, quantum computation, and quantum communication science. It included advanced quantitative techniques including numerical simulations of experimental conditions; automated data collection and analysis; and extensive error analysis. She has proven programming ability through development and maintenance of optimised code for automated data collection and for the analysis of high volume, high frequency data.

She has been the first author of a number of internationally peer reviewed academic articles, and has a proven ability to deliver complex technical concepts to a range of audiences in a clear and concise manner.

Morgan has exceptional mathematical and analytical capabilities, enhanced by a high level of competence in software development and statistical modelling. Her ability to undertake statistical analysis, process data, and understand and manipulate complex probability distributions make her very well equipped to assist in the development and application of the 4S model. Her strong communication and organisational skills allow her to make significant contributions to the effective delivery projects.

More recently, Morgan has assisted in the set up of the Sydney 4S Model and update of the Queensland 4S Model. This work has included creating and implementing new public transport model options, defining network and land use scenarios for different options in the 4S Model and running model sensitivity tests. She has also been involved in the analysis of traffic volumes and model outputs, discussions of the results and preparation of project reports.

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Naomi Holt

Naomi Holt LinkedIn: Naomi Holt

Naomi has recently joined our team as a transport analyst and modeller. Prior to this, she completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in experimental social cognitive psychology. There, she developed expertise in research, academic writing and presentations, statistical analysis, data visualisation, and programming. This work earned her the Dean’s Award for outstanding Higher Degree by Research for the School of Psychology. Her background in this area uniquely positions her to provide psychological perspectives to the analysis of travel decision-making. Naomi’s strong analytical and organisational skills and attention to detail allows her to derive actionable insights from quantitative transport data, which is effectively communicated in both written reports and presentations.

Projects Naomi has worked on

Lucy Davidson

Lucy Davidson LinkedIn: Lucy Davidson

Lucy Davidson is currently studying part time at the University of Queensland for a double degree in Business and Information Technology. She has a particular interest in machine learning and is looking for ways to incorporate “big data” analysis into transport planning.

Lucy has researched public databases and implemented transformed data into the required model inputs. Such data includes network and demographical information for both the QLD and NSW 4S model. Lucy has also set up of numerous model scenarios and assisted in the editing of project reports. She is also TransPosition’s key graphic and web designer.

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Thomas McCarthy

Thomas McCarthy LinkedIn: Thomas McCarthy

Thomas McCarthy has recently graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Psychological Science with First Class Honours. He uses his data analysis skills to understand traffic demand movements throughout the model by creating meaningful plots and other data analysis tools. Thomas also focuses on model calibration by comparing the model outputs to data from the household travel survey and traffic counts. He has particular interest in the psychology of transport decisions and understanding people’s behaviour in different transport situations (e.g. how people will respond to automated vehicles).

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John Davidson

John Davidson LinkedIn: John Davidson

John Davidson has over 25 years’ experience in software development, after graduating with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Engineering) from Queensland University of Technology. He has contracted to a wide variety of corporate and government clients, ranging from Brisbane City Council, multiple Queensland Government Departments (Transport and Main Roads, Police, Emergency Services, Housing/Public Works) and the Australian Tax Office, through to the Financial Times in London, Rio Tinto, and Allianz. John’s expertise covers transport modelling software, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), database analysis, user interface design, internet and multi-tier systems, and embedded device development.

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