Toll Road Modelling

In the past few years, the modelling of toll roads in Australia has been relatively poor with reality being far from predictions. TransPosition has endeavoured to investigate the reason for this and look at how toll road modelling can be improved. More information about this research can be found in Peters paper "Modelling toll roads - Where have we gone wrong?".

The design of the 4S model allows toll choice to be treated the same as any other road use decision. The toll road is included as a standard link in the network, and the toll is added as a cost component on that link. The flexibility of the 4S model allows multiple tolling systems and discounts schemes to be used, as when as trade off between tolls and travel time to be influenced by different values of time for each market segment. For more details on how the 4S model works click here.

Toll road modelling can be done with the 4S model by our partner company TransPosition Tolling demand. TransPosition Tolling demand specialises in toll road modelling and traffic count analysis.

Past toll road modelling projects can be found here.