Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are an emerging technology that is likely to have significant impacts on travel behaviour and road network operations in the medium to long term. As such investigating the impact that AVs will have in the long term is essential, AV's have been included as an option in many of our long term modelling scenarios, including the the modelling done by TransPosition Tolling demand for bid advice on the sale of WestConnex.

TransPosition over the last 5 years has researched and published a number of papers on the Autonomous vehicles which can be found here. TransPosition has integrated AV modelling into the TPACS model, which allows various parameters and assumptions to be adjusted in order to investigate potential issues with Avs.

Since 2015 Transposition has done a lot of work with Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to enhance the modelling of AV and look various other issues. A full list of past projects on AVs can be found here.