Bid traffic advice for the sale of WestConnex

Pacific Partnerships

2017 - 2018


TransPosition Tolling demand, used the TransPosition 4S model to worked with Pacific Partnerships to provide traffic advice on the sale of WestConnex. This involved collating the necessary data and tools required to confidently prepare traffic projections that would eventually be fed into a revenue model. Traffic projections were required to be made up to 2051, with any future project's impact on the results being considered. The model was calibrated against a range of public and private data sources, including traffic counts, ABS journey to work data, Google and Here travel times, and results from the vendor model. The work was done with an accelerated time-frame, with less than 9 months from complete model development and calibration through to submission of the final report and advice.

Primary contact: Peter Davidson

Project team: Morgan Weston, Li Li, John Davidson, Lucy Davidson, Grace Rehn