TransPosition engaged to perform demand anaylsis for the Surat Basin Transport Study Stage 2

20 Jan 2014

Anabelle Spinoulas

Early in January 2014 TransPosition was engaged by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to develop a regional transport model to assist with road network analysis for the Surat Basin region. This second stage seeks to build on the work done in stage one of the Surat Basin Transport Study by updating it with new data and projections and also improve the analytical basis for planning.

Stage 2 will comprise of assessing the future transport demand and system performance of the road network as well as route and link analysis in order to guide network, area, route, link and project planning. This study hopes to also provide a sound and consistent basis for determining investment needs for the region. Furthermore stage 2 will provide support for economic analysis and project business case preparation and also support assessment of development impacts of major projects.