TransApex Strategic Advice

Queensland Transport

2006 - 2008

Planner, Modeller

Peter has worked as an integral part of Queensland Transport TransApex team, which tunnelling projects that make up the TransApex plan (especially the North South Bypass Tunnel, Hale St Link, Airport Link and Northern Link). Peter was responsible for reviewing and advising on a wide range of policy issues, including

  • Review of the transport models used for project evaluation
  • Review of the tolling models used for Airport Link and Hale St Link
  • Analysis of stated preference data and testing of the logit calibration used for tolling analysis
  • Evaluation and synthesis of state tolling policy
  • Preparation of tolling approval documents, including the conditions under which BCC are granted tolling powers
  • Development of simplified financial and economic models to investigate tolling policy issues, such as the optimal tolling period
  • Preparation and coordination of the state agencies response to various Environmental Impact Statements and Impact Assessment Statements

Primary contact: Peter Davidson