Demand Analysis for Toowoomba Second Range Crossing Business Case

Projects Queensland


Planner, Modeller

Peter Davidson led the team that performed all of the modelling and demand analysis for the new Business Case prepared for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing. TransPosition’s 4S model was enhanced in a number of ways, including the further segmentation of commercial vehicles into medium, heavy and super-heavy each with different cost and operational characteristics. The model was used to prepare design traffic numbers to refine pavement and intersection design, and to prepare inputs to the financial and economic analysis. A full tolling analysis was done, including the preparation of toll revenue curves, diversion analysis and the determination of the revenue maximising toll, the optimal diversion toll, and an estimation of the economically efficient toll.

Peter worked closely with the economic advisors to develop a methodology that correctly allowed for induced demand as a result of the project. Techniques were also developed to measure the reliability benefits that the bypass adds to the network, given that the existing range crossing regularly loses capacity due to flooding (and is sometimes completely closed, as in the 2011 floods). This project required very tight timeframes, with all modelling and reporting done within four months of commission. Peter was able to meet all milestones on time and in budget.

Primary contact: Peter Davidson