Toowoomba Regional Transport Study

Toowoomba Regional Council


Planner, Modeller

As part of the Toowoomba Planning Scheme Review, and working alongside Brian Lister and Ken Davidson, Peter reviewed the current transport system in Toowoomba and developed plans for the network to 2031. This involved the use of the Cube- based Toowoomba Regional Strategic Transport Model (TRSTM), as well as the development of a new multi-modal accessibility model for Toowoomba. The work required close contact with other consultants performing other aspects of the planning scheme review, including population, centres strategy, industrial land requirements, vegetation, waterways and bushfire risk. Peter provided input into the land use projections through the use of the transport/density model, and evaluated land use proposals using the accessibility model and the roads-based TRSTM. The multi-modal model was also used to develop and test a range of active transport and public transport options for Toowoomba.

Primary contact: Peter Davidson