Surat Basin Transport Study (Stage 2)

Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)



TransPosition was engaged by TMR to provide scenario analysis for the Surat Basin Transport Study Stage 2 using Transposition's 4S Model. This study looked at the Surat Basin region in conjunction with Toowoomba since this region links the Surat Basin to the major Queensland port, the Port of Brisbane. TransPosition previously had well established Toowoomba and SEQ models, however for this work the model was extended to now include the Surat Basin region.

The two dominant industries at the moment in the Surat Basin are agriculture and mining. To get a better understanding of traffic movements within the region, TransPosition collected land use and employment data to obtain more detailed demographics for the Surat Basin. Data for the following industries were collected: Cattle Abattoirs; Poultry Processing; Egg Production; Pig Processing; Cattle Feedlots; Poultry Farms; Piggeries; Cotton Gins; Mining Leases; Petroleum Leases; Current Sugar Mills; Current Native Timber Saw Mills and; Current Plantation Timber Saw Mills.

Apart from mining and agriculture TransPosition also geo-coded the locations of Queensland Universities and major Queensland TAFEs and also collected enrollment numbers (where possible) for each institution to get a better understanding of where students go for tertiary education (previously we only had data for SEQ and Toowoomba). Major airports across the region were also incorporated.

As a result of this project TransPosition now has a well-established strategic model for the whole of SEQ, Toowoomba and the Surat Basin.

Primary contact: Peter Davidson