SCIMMM input estimation

Sunshine Coast Reginal Council


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In conjunction with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, SCRC has developed a four-step model of the Sunshine Coast – the Sunshine Coast Integrated Multi-Modal Model (SCIMMM). It contains 1645 zones covering the whole Sunshine Coast region, including Noosa Shire. The model includes a 2016 base case, which relies on accurate population and employment numbers for that year. When the original 2016 base case was developed the 2016 ABS Census data was not yet available, so the model included forecasts based on the 2011 Census. Now that the full set of data is available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), including detailed employment data, it is possible to produce more accurate 2016 numbers. These can also use detailed information available to Council from various lot-level data sources.

For each of the SCIMMM zones, there are three types of input data stored in car availability, demographics and employment. For example, in the car availability, the number of households with number of people ranging from 1 to 8, car captive and car competition are given for each SCIMMM zones.

The goal of the project was to provide reliable, 2016, estimations of the three types of input data based on the currently available data:

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

    2016 census of population and housing data is available through an online-tool called TableBuilder, which, for our purpose, provides information about employment, dwelling and family characteristics at different statistical area levels. Note that due to privacy concerns, all data from ABS are perturbated on purpose.

  • Mesh block data

    Mesh blocks are the smallest geographic region in the Australian Statistical Geography Standard. This date source provides number of dwelling and persons at mesh block level.

  • Unitywater data

    Unitywater provides water supply and sewage treatment services to Sunshine Coast. They have been developing the demand modeller and tracking tool (DMaTT) for the planning purpose. The data from DMaTT contain detailed information of land zones in Sunshine coast, including XY coordinates for individual lots and the corresponding land use descriptions, gross floor area (GFA) and attached/detach dwellings. This data will be referred to as the DMaTT data in the following report.

  • TGLP geometry data

    Trip generation and land parcels (TGLP) contains geometry information of parcels (as polygons) in Sunshine coast.

  • SCIMMM geometry data

    It contains geometry information of parcels in Sunshine coat, but at a coarse level than those in TGLP data. That is, a single polygon in SCIMMM data contains many small polygons in TGLP data.

Primary contact: Li Li

Project team: Peter Davidson