DTMR Cost Mobility Tool




TransPosition was engaged by Synergies to provide input to the development of the database to be used for the Department of Main Roads (DTMR) Cost Mobility Tool. Using the South East Queensland (SEQ) 4S model, TransPosition created the database to include:

  • Direct transport cost (public transport fares, toll prices, and parking costs)
  • Number of person trips
  • Total kilometres travelled by each transport mode (active, private vehicles, bus, ferry, train, rapid transport)
  • For private vehicles and bus use, total kilometres travel on each road type
  • The utilisation of the road and public transport (PT) network

In discussion with Synergies, many different sensitivity variables were prepared, including adjustments to PT fare pricing, PT frequency, vehicle occupancy, distance based driving cost (equivalent to changes in fuel pricing), hourly road usage charge.