TransPosition has often worked with other consultancies, often providing specialist services to a larger team. We have worked with many of the larger consultancies, including GHD, SKM, AECOM/Maunsell, Cardno and Arup. We have also developed a close relationship with a number of other specialist consulants, and we work together whenever we can. This allows us to broaden the range of services that we offer, and to work with some of the most experienced planners in the industry.

Suntoll's principals have over 15 years experience in the toll road and transport sector for Government, toll road operators and tolling system vendors. SunToll has worked for a number of clients in the transport industry including Ergon Energy, SKM and Transurban. Recently TransPosition worked closely with SunToll for Hastings Funds Management Limited, APG Investments Asia Limited and Abertis Infraestructuras S.A. in the bid for Queensland Motorways Limited.

Cambray Consulting

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Cambray Consulting's Director, Andrew Douglas, has over 25 years of experience in consulting and in the public sector. Cambray Consulting has provided specialist traffic and transport planning advice to clients in Queensland, Northern Territory and northern New South Wales. Some major projects in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast that Cambray Consulting has provided specialist traffic input includes numerous hospital projects such as the PA Hospital and the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. TransPosition and Cambray Consulting recently worked together in the preparation stages for Queens Wharf Brisbane for the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.

Ken Davidson

Dr Ken Davidson has had over forty years experience in transport network strategy, from the original 1962 Road Plan of Queensland, through the Transport Studies of the 1960s, the developing science of transport network analysis and evaluation that followed, and more recent major network issues in many different locations.

He has been an analyst, modeller, researcher, lecturer, network manager, policy manager, operating system manager, and specialist consultant in transport network development and strategy. He has worked for all three levels of government and, as a consultant, has worked with many transport authorities.

As a researcher he made significant contributions to all aspects of transport network modelling and developed a completely new accessibility-based evaluation technique which allowed impacts on land use to be explicitly included in the evaluation.

During the time he was responsible for the planning and development of the Canberra and ACT transport network, he personally negotiated the community and political acceptance of the very sensitive Molonglo Arterial between Black Mountain and Lake Burley Griffin and in the process introduced many variations to the design.

After the collapse of the Tasman Bridge he had a major executive and creative role in the development of Hobart’s road system to minimise the effects of a repeat of the disaster and to set up the city for ongoing development. As a consultant to the South Australian Government he undertook a major accessibility analysis of the need for a new southern freeway in the context of new regional growth around Noarlunga and had his recommendation accepted that the freeway should be long deferred in favour of a strong policy of local job creation.

Davidson had a significant creative role in the development of the Toowoomba Bypass and Second Range Crossing, and the associated rail issues. He has done significant work on both the Queensland and national road and rail networks. He has a very detailed knowledge of the SEQ region, having been involved there for all but seven of the past 43 years as Main Roads Engineer, founder of the transport engineering courses at UQ, Manager of Brisbane Transport, and specialist consultant over significant periods of the past 12 years to Main Roads, Queensland Transport and QR. His consultancies and earlier work in other jurisdictions have also given him wide comparative experience.